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[Company dynamics] sangao valve group Co., Ltd. (official website) rev 17-07-11
After the team's hard work, the three high valve group (official website) has finally completed the upgrade revision! The face is more perfect, the work is more abundant, if you find or encounter any problems during the visit, please feel free to leav ......
[Company dynamics] Valve market new opportunities, excellent industria 17-07-08
Chinese valve industry development momentum is fierce, but the industry in the background of the situation is excellent, some problems are also worrying, especially the domestic valve enterprises mainly to low level, small scale, family wor ......
[Company dynamics] Valve industry in China's development, progress and 17-07-08
Valve industry transformation and upgrading in the current view is necessary, but for the enterprise concerned, the concept of transformation and upgrading seems very vague, how much market share is the most important thing. Domestic valves ......
[Company dynamics] China valve manufacturing industry development surv 17-07-08
Chinas valve industry has developed for decades, during which the valve standards have been considerable development. However, the valve industry, product technology content and design is still the focus and difficulties in the development ......