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Valve market new opportunities, excellent industrial situati

Chinese valve industry development momentum is fierce, but the industry in the background of the situation is excellent, some problems are also worrying, especially the domestic valve enterprises mainly to low level, small scale, family workshops. This is a major limitation and bottleneck for the future development of China's valve industry.
As the domestic valve industry started late, China is still in the development stage, lower than the international advanced level, a lot of key valve is also dependent on imports, many valves are not the core technology, coupled with restrictions on the level of automation, in the high-end valve technology compared with foreign countries have a certain gap. On the other hand, valve market competition intensifies, some low-end valve products market has become saturated, oversupply situation, how to achieve high and stable development of the valve industry has become China's valve manufacturers one of the biggest problems.
At present, part of China's valve production enterprises have reached the international advanced level. Although the overall level of China's valve industry has been greatly improved, but the quality is still not stable enough, such as running, taking, dripping, leakage phenomenon often occurs in domestic valves. In addition, China's supporting capacity of the valve is also compared with developed countries, there is still a gap. Fierce competition in the valve market, some low-end valve products market has become saturated, there is oversupply situation, which makes small and medium enterprises increasingly difficult.
And even high-tech products in the international market competition is also very fierce. At present, China in the valve market, has been able to provide a wide range of products: such as heating valves, environmental protection valves, building valves. However, in the field of high-end valves still rely on imports, which is the future of China's valve needs force breakthrough in the field, in order to truly promote the development of China's valve industry.
But since last year, the localization of high-end valves have become difficult. At present, the basic parts have become the short board that restricts the domestic manufacturing industry to high-end development. During 12th Five-Year, the localization of high-end equipment parts in China will be further increased. China's various sectors of the valve import substitution feasibility difference is very large, high-end valves need more policy guidance and research support.
The face of the valve industry transformation and upgrading of the situation is not significant, there are many reasons. One of them is related to our past practices. We pay attention to product development, did not pay attention to research market, did not pay attention to complete industrialization. To be more specific, we should focus on science and technology, light technology, RE development and light industrialization. Our products look good on the surface, very advanced, advanced functions and performance indicators can be achieved, but placed in the user that will not be long before the problem. Or the product itself can be used, but the manufacturing costs are high, the lack of market competitiveness. Of course, the emergence of this situation is not related to our policy orientation. All along, we pay more attention to the number of achievements and patents, first solved the problem of "yes" and "no" to fill a lot of gaps, but failed to attach importance to the results of the market, the formation of industrialization.