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Valve industry in China's development, progress and transfor

Valve industry transformation and upgrading in the current view is necessary, but for the enterprise concerned, the concept of transformation and upgrading seems very vague, how much market share is the most important thing. Domestic valves are manufacturing and processing for a long time, should break through this bottleneck, toward the direction of research and development.
China's valve industry has been in the development, progress and transformation and upgrading, and has made great progress. In the past 10 years, we have gone through a period of expansion of scale and expansion of varieties. The scale of our industry and the GDP have increased. The factory buildings of our enterprises have expanded, the equipment has been transformed, the number of personnel has increased, and the productivity has been improved. For many kinds and products, they have completed the process from scratch, that is, never do, can not do, can do. In the meantime, we have filled the gap of many products, the valve market is generally in short supply. However, with the adjustment of the national economic structure, we must rethink, and now the transformation and upgrading in the end what to do? It must be noted that, compared with advanced enterprises in developed countries, we are still in the low-end of the world industrial chain, the market share of high-grade valves has not improved. This is mainly because our products lack sufficient market competitiveness, especially in terms of stability and reliability, compared with the advanced countries of the control valve, control valve and domestic, there is no small gap. Therefore, one of the major goals of our transformation and upgrading at this stage is to focus more on doing well on the basis of existing scale and variety, that is to say, we should realize the leap from doing well.
In the past in 2012, has become a watershed in the development of the valve industry. Continuous 10 years of rapid growth, so that China's valve manufacturing industry stands in the global manufacturing countries high. But with the global financial crisis and China's macro-economic growth slowing down, this market demand for many years will no longer be able to return. At present, it is obvious that the total demand of the valve market has been greatly reduced, while the demand structure has been rapidly improved. This led to a large number of our production of low-end valves orders decline sharply, and key users urgently needed high-grade valve has increased. Industry transformation and upgrading become urgent historical mission, improve the competitiveness of high-grade valves will become the urgent task of transformation and upgrading at this stage.
The face of the valve industry transformation and upgrading of the situation is not significant, there are many reasons. One of them is related to our past practices. We pay attention to product development, did not pay attention to research market, did not pay attention to complete industrialization. To be more specific, we should focus on science and technology, light technology, RE development and light industrialization. Our products look good on the surface, very advanced, advanced functions and performance indicators can be achieved, but placed in the user that will not be long before the problem. Or the product itself can be used, but the manufacturing costs are high, the lack of market competitiveness. Of course, the emergence of this situation is not related to our policy orientation. All along, we pay more attention to the number of achievements and patents, first solved the problem of "yes" and "no" to fill a lot of gaps, but failed to attach importance to the results of the market, the formation of industrialization. Therefore, Shanghai Ming Bao valve that requires joint efforts to promote the valve industry as soon as possible to promote the transformation and upgrading of sustainable development road.