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corporate culture。Is the company's wealth of precipitation and accumulation, but also the source and momentum of enterprise endless. Create a lively, harmonious, frank and tolerant cultural atmosphere. Build positive, mutual respect and create a shared human environment. Promote professionalism, dedication, challenge, responsibility and mission. The pursuit of small, big, collective, collective culture.


High quality staff is our company's fundamental guarantee for success, and the quality of employees depends on our attractive working atmosphere and incentive mechanism, as well as a sound internal management system. The simple flat structure of the hierarchy is our organization's best advantage. In this way, members can communicate, communicate, learn and encourage each other very well, realize the information sharing to the greatest extent and keep the ability to respond quickly to the outside world all the time.


Our efforts to improve the business environment, reform the employment mechanism, and gradually formed a "love Jingde, rooted in Jingde, construction of Jingde, a good atmosphere for development of fine morality", formed the strong cohesion and fighting capacity.


Quality policy:


The company promises to provide customers with well - made and well - made products to meet customer requirements.

Through continuous improvement, innovation, so that the quality of measuring products remain at the forefront of the domestic industry.

Quality target:

The rate of acceptance of the product is 98% at one time

The inspection rate of the above products has increased by 0.2% annually

The product pass rate is 100%