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Sealing specification of ball valve

The main valve seat seal material is polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), are inert to chemicals almost all of it, and has a small friction coefficient, stable performance, easy to aging, temperature range and excellent sealing characteristics of a comprehensive. But the physical properties of PTFE include high expansion coefficient, sensitivity to cold flow, and poor thermal conductivity. The design of seat seals must be carried out around these characteristics. Seat sealing plastic material also includes filling PTFE, nylon and many other materials. However, when the seal becomes hard, the reliability of the seal will be destroyed, especially in the case of low pressure. In addition, synthetic rubber like Dengqen rubber can also be used as seat sealing material, but it applies to the medium temperature range and use of drugs is limited. In addition, if the medium is not lubricated, the elastomer will easily stick to the ball.