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How can the valve packing prevent leakage?

1, packing is not installed, there is a small generation, spiral winding, poor joints, tight, loose and other defects;
2, filling selection is not, non resistance to medium corrosion, not high pressure or vacuum valve, high temperature or low temperature use;
3, filling more than use, has been aging, loss of elasticity, 4, stem accuracy is not high, there are bending, corrosion, wear and other defects, 5, the number of packing laps inadequate, the gland is not compressed;
4, gland skew, the gap between the gland and valve stem is too small or too large, leading to stem wear, packing damage.
5, improper operation, excessive force and so on;
6 gland, bolts, and other parts damaged, so that the gland can not be pressed;
Prevention and elimination methods:
1. The materials and types of packing shall be selected according to the working conditions;
2, the use of too long, aging, damaged packing should be replaced in good time;
3, according to the relevant provisions of the correct installation of packing, packing should be placed by ring compression, joints should be 30 degrees or 45 degrees;
4, stem bending, wear should be straightened and repaired, serious damage should be replaced in a timely manner;
5, should comply with the operating procedures, in addition to impact type hand wheel, with uniform speed, normal power operation;
6. Damaged gland, bolt and other parts should be repaired or replaced in time;
7, packing should be installed in accordance with the provisions of the ring, the gland should be symmetrical and uniform to tight, pressure sets should be more than 5mm of the pre tight gap;
8, should be uniform symmetry tightening gland bolts, gland and valve stem clearance is too small, should appropriately increase the gap; gland and stem gap is too large, should be replaced.