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[Industry trends] The battle to build an advanced manufacturing indus 17-07-08
In November, 24, from the United States to create innovative manufacturing networks, to Germany pushing industry 4; from the digital India put forward, and then to the high-profile China made 2025....... A battle to build an advanced manufa ......
[Industry trends] Teach you how to maintain and maintain the butterfl 17-07-08
According to the customer on-site use process, the reaction problems, especially the use of butterfly valve. Butterfly valve is also the key seat in the filter, the most important components. Its related costs are relatively high, so here t ......
[Industry trends] Prediction and analysis of main market situation of 17-07-08
According to the scientific outlook on development, Chinese to ensure future economic development and improving peoples life, must be infrastructure such as water, electricity, gas, heat and so on the priority among priorities, this is prec ......
[Industry trends] Xinhua News Agency observer intelligence agency iss 17-07-08
In November 24th, sponsored by the State Council in 2016, xinhuanet.com hosted the forum held in beijing. The theme of this forum is "new normal", "new economy" and "new kinetic energy". Counselors'Office of the director of the State Council Wang Zhon ......