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Xinhua News Agency observer intelligence agency issued 2016

In November 24th, sponsored by the State Council, xinhuanet.com hosted the 2016 China Forum held in beijing.
The theme of this forum is "new normal", "new economy", and "new kinetic energy"". Counselors'Office of the director of the State Council Wang Zhongwei, vice president of Xinhua news agency and deputy editor in chief Zhou Shuchun attended the opening ceremony. Participating experts on the sharing of the economy, the digital economy, intelligent manufacturing and creative economy four major issues to discuss, analysis of the new economy in the normal new economy and new kinetic energy.
At the meeting, the Xinhua news agency, a think-tank, presented ten outstanding cases of China's "new economy" at the conference, 2016.
The new economic research unit of the lookout think tank received a total of 128 copies of the materials submitted by the enterprise through three months' public solicitation. Through the expert review, network voting and questionnaire survey, the author selected the most representative 30 finalists. Finally, the review committee voted to select the 2016 outstanding cases of China's "new economy" ten.
This report tries to carry on the scientific appraisal and the systematic research to the new economic case, will play the leading role to our country's new economy development.
The final finalists of the ten enterprises, respectively, from innovation, upgrading, public concern, integration and development, innovation support four areas.
In the evaluation system, focusing on the growth, prospective, cutting-edge, subversive and creative "five character" and influence, driving force, creativity, vitality and competitiveness of the "five forces" as the first index.
The final selection of a "new economy" representative of the 10 companies and the case of Haier group, Shenyang machine tool factory, Hugo, Tencent, WeChat cloud payment, tat gene, Ali, drops travel, Lilac Garden, the way home. The chairman and President of lookout think tank Wu Liang said that the writing of "new economy" outstanding case report, not only on the supply side in order to implement the strategy of structural reforms and arrangements of the CPC Central Committee, but also the development of the new economy, foster growth of new energy needs. Through the demonstration effects of these excellent cases, we should talk about the innovation stories of China's economy.