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The battle to build an advanced manufacturing industry is be

In November, 24, from the United States to create innovative manufacturing networks, to Germany pushing "industry 4"; from the "digital India" put forward, and then to the high-profile "China made 2025.""...... A battle to build an advanced manufacturing industry is being staged around the world.
Under the background of new and old kinetic energy conversion, how to rely on the core technology to achieve new breakthroughs, to promote industrial transformation and upgrading, and to open up new blue ocean, is a difficult problem in front of the global manufacturing industry.
Subvert the tradition, Shenyang machine tool with "i5 intelligent system", and strive to "China made wisdom" transformation into. Liaoning, Shenyang, Shenyang machine tool factory building, a "change ideas, innovation beyond" as the theme of manufacturing breakthrough writing is written.
Guan Xiyou, President of Shenyang machine tool conference, expounded the i5M8 product concept on the spot.
Rely on core technology to achieve new breakthroughs
As the eldest son of the Republic industry, equipment manufacturing industry is the largest pillar industry in Liaoning. In the new round of revitalization of the northeast old industrial base, the equipment manufacturing industry in Liaoning is duty bound. Unswervingly follow the road of the equipment manufacturing industry in Liaoning Province, to national and global manufacturing equipment manufacturing industry in Liaoning, is the goal of bettering forward.
Baigezhengliu, Fen Ji first.
Between 2007 and 2013, Shenyang machine tools concentrated on doing one thing: comprehensively tackling key technologies of "i5 system".
"Every year I crashed into more than 100 million yuan, but I went to Shanghai R & D base and saw only a group of young people and dozens of computers, and no one knew when they would be successful."." Guan Xiyou said: "in 2012, the mature technology has not yet come out, research and development funds are running out, and German cooperation projects are no progress, and market sales have declined."...... It was the hardest day. One day I stood on the roof of a German hotel and had a heart jumping from the building."
After more than 2000 times the size of the version update technology, thousands of product testing, in 2014, the world's first i5 intelligent machine tools available, not only is of high precision, fast calculation speed, loading CNC machine tool i5 system, production efficiency has reached a new level. Until then, Shenyang machine tools finally won the "dream", and can compete in the international competition "core competitiveness."".
After the introduction of i5 intelligent machine tools, experts have been organized to investigate and evaluate, but experts did not give a clear conclusion. Therefore, when enterprises decided to concentrate on the large-scale listing of i5 intelligent machines, questions and objections ensued. "Should not be overly entangled in the academic definition of intelligent machine tools, the market is the only standard of innovation achievement testing."." Zhu Zhihao, head of the i5 innovation team, said.
Fortunately, the market response exceeded expectations. "This year in January on the order of 11 thousand units, completed more than half of the annual plan." Facing the plight of the market overcapacity, i5 intelligent machine tool of Shenyang machine tool group production orders are snowed in.
"Our goal is to compete with the world's giants." Guan Xiyou said: "Germany called industrial 4, we call the industry 4, he said 4.5? Do we say 4.5, too? Now, I don't particularly agree with a point of view, saying we can't overtake corners. If you can't overtake on the road, where is the chance? Do you have a chance to overtake without a curve? So in the core technology and the new business model, even if we have to turn to overtake the car crash."
"When the Chinese machine tool industry becomes as strong as Germany and Japan, our manufacturing industry will be more competitive."."
So far, the i5 team has developed 36 intellectual property rights, including 10 copyrights, 14 patents, and 12 patent applications (including 9 patents). Externally, the R & D strength of the i5 team has also been recognized by the authorities. It was selected as one of the ten most influential R & D centers in the world by global science magazine in 2013.
"Made in China 2025" is a key opportunity for China as well as a key opportunity for Liaoning.
"A new round of revitalization, enterprises should rely on innovation!" Guan Xiyou said, "this is the need for strong bones.".
Capturing new opportunities in the Internet industry
"We want to do the industry 4, or industrial Internet, that is how the manufacturing workflow of the Internet, which in fact we speak of the second revolution of the Internet.". Today's "Internet" is the most important thing is how to workflow internet." Guan Xiyou says.
Facing the surging tide of the Internet, Shenyang machine tool group in recent years has been thinking and exploring, "one of the biggest challenges brought by the Internet is zero distance, the age of the Internet or you have a platform, either you have to connect the platform, the supply and demand of each user."
When the intelligent machine tool meets the Internet, the production, sale and service mode of the manufacturing industry is pregnant with subversive change.
In the traditional view, the manufacturing industry, especially the traditional manufacturing industry, and the Internet, is nothing more than to put products on the line to sell. In the domestic public opinion for manufacturing import "industrial 4" concept before, Shenyang machine tool in the absence of road signs, bold trial and error, continuous iteration, in software and hardware on the "cloud manufacturing" layout.
"We should not only build medium and top grade intelligent machine tools, but also speed up the strategic transformation from traditional manufacturers to industrial service providers." Guan Xiyou says.
In September this year, in the fifteenth China International Equipment Manufacturing Exposition held in Shenyang, Shenyang machine tool group will "private customization" from "imagination" into reality, relying on i5 intelligent machine tools, iSESOL cloud