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Teach you how to maintain and maintain the butterfly valve

According to the customer on-site use process, the reaction problems, especially the use of butterfly valve. Butterfly valve is also the key seat in the filter, the most important components. Its related costs are relatively high, so here to share some suggestions, I hope to give you help!
Attention to maintenance butterfly valve:
1, butterfly valve access to the current before each contact must be checked, before you can electrify.
2, the use of butterfly valve should be waterproof and dustproof.
3, butterfly valve measured angle shall not exceed the scope of the transmitter measurement. If it exceeds the measuring range, the internal parts of the transmitter will be damaged.
4, HED type wiring attention polarity, the output line (green) can not and input line (Hong, black) short circuit. This model requires the use of a DC meter with an internal resistance of less than 15.
Attention to the use of butterfly valves:
1, butterfly valve air source must be through strict dust removal and drying and purification of compressed air. The operating pressure of the actuator is 0.5MPa calibration torque, so the air pressure >0.55MPa is required, otherwise the output torque is smaller because of the decrease of operation pressure.
2, butterfly valve once found leaks, should further tighten the cylinder end cover screws or replace sealing ring, gasket, otherwise affect the output torque, serious, so that failure occurs.
3, if you find that the work of butterfly valve action is ineffective, should be carefully examined for maintenance, mostly because of gas is not clean, the cylinder and the piston stuck, do some cleaning work can be, but should avoid the strong hand, do force action, so that the situation further damage to the cylinder surface, the meat was found to bang the cylinder surface scratches serious the need to replace the damaged parts.
4, butterfly valve work for more than six months, the best maintenance once, for cleaning work or change the sealing ring, this will extend the service life.
5, if the filter is stopped, the butterfly valve must be in the open state, but also guarantee its service life.