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Prediction and analysis of main market situation of valve in

According to the scientific outlook on development, Chinese to ensure future economic development and improving people's life, must be infrastructure such as water, electricity, gas, heat and so on the priority among priorities, this is precisely the valve useless. The first is the Chinese water diversion project, only to the outskirts of Beijing urban area 70 kilometers in length, the amount of purchases for the valve up to tens of millions of dollars, then the entire water diversion project on the demand valve, as can be imagined. Secondly, in order to solve the problem of electricity shortage, it is not only the urgent task of the Chinese government, but also a long-term task to launch hydropower projects on a large scale.
In addition, there are west to East, old industrial base transformation, urban pipe network construction, residential projects, sewage treatment, irrigation and water conservancy and many other projects will explode the huge demand of valve market.
However, in the face of such a large future market, the valve manufacturer Chinese exactly from eating to much in order to compete with foreign capital, they are: what is the difference between these problems, I am afraid that Chinese valve manufacturers are most concerned about.
1, the overall industry chain gap. As a mechanical equipment, valve production in the lower reaches of the entire industry chain, including steel, sealing materials, as well as the development of machinery and other industries level, will have an important impact on the technical parameters of the valve. Steel strength, ductility, high pressure resistance, anti corrosion resistance corrosion of direct impact on the valve sealing material; the production level determines the valve for the medium and can withstand the pressure; machining accuracy is an important factor affecting the interface seal, valve head and valve seat seal level.
2, the degree of professionalism gap. As a universal pipeline equipment, valve is widely used in many fields, including water conservancy and hydropower, urban pipe network, petroleum, petrochemical, sewage treatment, and many other industries. Because of the different industries, different projects in different conditions in the working condition, medium, sealing and other aspects of the technical requirements for the type of valve equipment, materials, pressure ratings and other aspects are not the same, which also caused a valve device for different industries further market segmentation.
3, brand influence gap. According to statistics, many foreign valve manufacturing enterprises in various professional areas, their brand effectiveness has been significantly ahead of domestic enterprises. In the water treatment industry, including the German vag (VAG), Watts (Watts) and other brands have already laid a leading position in the market; in the power sector, the United States Whelan (Velan) is one of the absolute leader; in the petrochemical industry, can be seen everywhere in the United States Fisher (Fisher), Japan KTM "; at high pressure under the condition of engineers first thought is that the German Wood (Uhde) and BASF (BASF).
4, the industrial structure gap. Valve production enterprises in China are too small and low in industrial concentration. According to Watts company's data, at present, there are about more than 3000 domestic valve manufacturing enterprises, the number of ranking first in the world. But this one is low level, small scale, lack of family owned company, with annual sales income of 5 million yuan in 500, annual sales income of 100 million yuan more than a dozen companies only, the market share of the top 10 enterprises and the market share of only 8% to 9%. As the industry concentration is too low, causing many adverse factors of backward technology, low price competition, the lack of influential brands, making such a large China valve market to now no real sense of the brand.
In this case, the valve manufacturer chose the path of professional development, they have only a single valve does not meet the equipment production, but through product line expansion or seek cooperation, is committed to the project to provide total solutions. The American Watts mentioned earlier is a typical example. At first, they only produced valves dedicated to the field of water treatment, but now they can even build a water plant independently.