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SANGAO VALVE GROUPThe vision of enterprise core is the pursuit of "create value, excellence" under the guidance of values, adhere to the "commitment to employee satisfaction, customer satisfaction and shareholder satisfaction and social satisfaction" of the enterprise mission, through continuous refinement and pragmatic, hard work and dedication, and further activate the enterprise evergreen factors become cohesion hearts, keep vitality, conservation of resources, the leader in the field of environmental friendly China valve.


SANGAO VALVE GROUPWhile trying to expand its industrial strength, scientific and technological strength, talent strength and achieve good economic returns, we should always maintain the organic unity of economic and social benefits. With a high sense of trust, for the enterprise staff to design the best path of development; with a high sense of service, to provide the best service to ensure that customers, highly motivated, and create the best investment environment for shareholders, with a strong sense of responsibility, and actively participate in social activities, social welfare contributions most sincere. Set up a good character, pursuit, sincerity and commitment to a good corporate image.